Monday, October 6, 2014

Mostly people are attempting to have faith and be loving from the outside in. Just what do I mean by this statement beloveds?

Working on your inner development can be supported and encouraged from the outside to the inner, yet, it takes your understanding application of the beatitudes of life that will allow you to generate a renewal into true faith, and the preparations which are necessary to allow the flow of God's Love to emanate through you. You simply must cultivate the correct attitudes over long periods of time in order to instill these virtues in you.

And .. to begin the process there is an essential need for purification on every level .. deep and wholesome purification that will bring balance and harmony to all inner causes and effects that only you have set into motion over the course of your lifetimes.

The advancement of your character is entirely dependent upon one decision at a time .. one pain-staking choice .. choosing the higher option, the more ethical selection that you are being presented with at any one point in time. There is no getting around this fact of true spiritual development. And there will be disappointments galore for the human personality self in this unfoldment due to the tendency that human beings place a tremendous amount of their desire for security and stability upon outer circumstances and outer conditions in their life; unrealized to the fact that all outer circumstances are merely your own effects which have their inner causes within you and which must become transfigured in order to experience a genuinely personal spiritual relationship and realization of the fragment of the Divine Presence within you.

Character is built and grown through mindal trainings one very minute step at a time over immense periods of time, tremendous amounts of lifetimes in choosing 'correctly' in cooperation and consistency with the Fathers Spirit within...

Consciousness of His Presence must become coupled with your refinement of character throughout your personality .. and within your soul energies. It is simply not possible for God .. the great One Intelligence .. to evolve material beings into soul beings and then into true Spirit Intelligences within this Universe... without this painstaking and long winding road. Yet, most all of you who have been drawn to this work and our association together .. most all of you are well on your way towards reaping the spiritual promise of greater refinement and spiritualization on every level of being.

~Michael of Nebadon

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