Friday, October 3, 2014

I come to restore order and harmony for humanity .. individually and as a civilization. I and the Infinite Daughter Spirit with the Host of Heaven bring technologies of Spirit .. the Paradise Precepts of pure Understanding .. the Eternal Verities .. Eternal Truths .. and the eternal attitudes that help to grow thine character and expand thine Consciousness into Wholeness.

Everyone is a son and daughter of the Father Source .. yet in time and space ye must actualize it. The awareness and experience of thine Sonship and Daughtership must be earned through thine adherence to God's will by effort and free will choice .. desire .. devotion .. and thine determination.

We come to show thee how you become clearer in mind and heart .. in order that you begin to find out what God wants from each one of His children .. what His Will is for you.

... His plan become more self evident as you prepare a place to walk within His will and way.

Then you begin to truly reap the spiritual perceptions and gain the divine insights and experience the divinity inside you .. which are yours by inheritance.

I remain thine Sovereign Son
Michael of Nebadon

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