Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Beloveds .. there is no such a thing as evil as a separate power anywhere in existence. Evil .. as you call it .. is merely the misuse of the Divine Force of an individual's life. It is the misqualification of thine nature .. and the misunderstanding of thine Identifications in life.

Be not fearful of any sort of evil .. and as ye fulfill the law of eternity .. of harmony .. ye shall protect thyself from attractions of the evil sort; for not a thing can come upon you if you are vibrating to the Father .. the Source within you.

True .. there are regions in My Father’s House within the earth and cvertain other planetary spheres wherein the vibratory influences are endarkened and densified .. yet .. these are temporary places of traversing for those with the necessity to work out of them certain qualities and habits .. specific tendencies and traits.

Herein within this octave of the Earth .. ye have entered into a curriculum much like a schoolhouse .. There are courses of experiencing that ye must undergo .. and there are opportunities immense in this schoolhouse by which you step free from personal trials and tribulations which test thine character and provoke thine consciousness into God's glory and honor.

I and the Universe Mother do surround thee .. watching over thee .. and offer our influences divine for the enhancement of thine soul existence. And as ye abide in Our Ideal by learning and applying the precepts of Paradise .. then can We protect you and give Our guidance and comfort.

Michael of Nebadon

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