Friday, October 17, 2014

As ye give thine effort and energy to the Life of the Father God through the righteousness of thine free will .. and the righteousness of relationship with Him .. then do you construct a bridge to partake that much more of the Infinite One.

His Kingdom of Consciousness is thine Life .. thy Everlasting Stream of Perfection which you must invite to expand through you. His Consciousness is thine existence giving each part of Him the capacity to be alive with awareness and acknowledgement of thine Source in the Universal Father .. the First Person Father.

Honor this Life that is within you and which you are. We are one Ocean of Consciousness which has its untold individualizations .. and its personalization as each and everyone.

Behold .. I come into thine midst as thine very Selfhood that we share together. You are nearer to Me than the very toes on thine foot. Closer to Me than the eyelashes that you flitter. We are brethren of the same cloth and in mine service .. I am the living pattern sent from Paradise Source to help you weave the tapestry of thine soul into this Paradise Pattern of Perfection.

Michael of Nebadon

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