Tuesday, October 7, 2014

All is one great Consciousness. God is Consciousness .. Infinite Consciousness. Consciousness is light, is love, is life Itself. Consciousness is in everything everywhere. Everyone is a living part of the One Consciousness. Every single millimeter throughout interstellar space is filled .. is brimming over with Consciousness. In Consciousness is all divine energies and substance. All virtues are of this one great Consciousness. The presiding Spirit or spark of God is His spark of Consciousness .. Life Itself. He is the Life Itself, and He desires with you as a personality and form to blend all things into becoming a new being existing in a higher octave whereby learning and growing occurs in a more light filled way.

At the center and hub of existence, there exists the purest and most rarified Consciousness which has revealed Itself to be all goodness, truth, and beauty, all power, intelligence, and love, all of everything resides in and as the one great Consciousness.

In Consciousness there exists all of these great qualities looking at It from a human perspective, and so many other qualities, and yet, It is without all qualities in Its immaculate conceiving.

In Its originating 'design' Consciousness is absolutely unconditioned, undifferentiated, and indivisible. It .. or He .. is without limitations of any sort. Imagine .. existing without any limitations. This is the state of existence that must be evolved into by the individual soul and personality. You are a spark of this One great Consciousness. You are a living part of the Universal One Consciousness that exists everywhere, as everything, and as everyone. Yet, it is an evolution of sorts that must be undertaken by the personality and soul. To work towards allowing the Originating Source and Center and Creator of all Consciousness to blend with you, and to carry you into a fuller expression of Itself ..  Himself .. Herself. Consciousness Itself!

No beginning and no ending. Always and 'forever' present here and now. Consciousness cannot be divided, and never will be, yet, It allows Itself to appear as Individualized with qualities and virtues of all sorts. In Its most pure and highest state .. Consciousness Is.

~Michael of Nebadon

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