Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thou Paradise Father ... Universalis; Everlasting Eternal Son ... Eternalis; oh, Infinite Immaculate Mind and Spirit ... Infinitas; I adore you and accept you into my mind and heart. Raise my physical body into thine illumination and love. I perceive you as all-permeating and saturating all creatures and beings. I have become One with You in this simple way of giving myself to You...There is no further You and I...for I honor thine Omnipresence which includes all. Thine One Power expresses as Me and as all others.

I am the Ocean of thy Primordial Consciousness. All is within Me, and I accept and tolerate and love all as Mine very Selfhood in this Supreme Essence; for I am the Vine and all are Mine branches, and in so much as all others desire to become raised and dissolved into becoming the Vine, they too will recognize that all are indeed branches of their own beingness.

Hence, all are waves extending out from the Ocean I AM and all are. The individualizations are these waves which hold the capacity in wholeness to become focused upon the Wave, and yet also the Ocean at the very same time. Contemplate this that I share with you in gaining the divine perspective. For this reason I have shared with mine aspirants the understanding of how to erase all their karmas with the Omnipotence of Love by becoming accountable and receptive to the Father within and the Host of Us who come to reach into humanity, to penetrate these depths of Our Consciousness, and to infiltrate and demonstrate the way to a better life, and a more universal birth into our universe.

Michael of Nebadon

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