Tuesday, September 9, 2014

There are no comparable measurements to compare the progress of two souls; for each is given the opportunity to live up to its own light, its own awareness, its own developing character and consciousness. In each succeeding incarnation into these bodies of flesh, the personality soul merely continues its journey into the fullness of matured mind and spirit.

All are individualizations of the One Supreme Consciousness, and each is becoming more conscious of their own pent up nature and identification with the Whole. To become conscious that ye are Consciousness Itself...the It of Itself... this is the holy grail of progressive evolutionary attainment.

Every spirit intelligence regardless of their origins or the order of being from which they've origianted out of...all are striving to make manifest the unmanifest potentials; to actualize into consciousness and conscious awareness as a factuality their own given inherent nature.

I and the Mother with the Host do come into these octaves to gather the perspectives of the evolutionary experience, and to help guide and support those striving to transcend their own levels of consciousness into the greater Whole Consciousness while still managing to retain individuality and uniqueness. We come to draw down into your experience the higher frequencies of Life and awareness and understanding intelligence. We do this through the extensions of the Trinity Endowment...the divine circuits which hail from the hub of existence.

And to become injected with the Primordial Spiritual Force of the Paradise Endowment, is to become raised and refined, quickened and moved along within their own lines of progress.

~Michael of Nebadon

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