Saturday, September 20, 2014

The soul is the beginning of your journey. The soul is a value and progression that appears as your personality begins to be capable of choosing morally and ethically.

Decision-making is an evolutionary step nurtured in you by the Universe Mother Spirit over long stretches of time and space. The soul is not yet one with God's Spirit until you have attained to the threefold initiation of Atonement.

The soul is a living augmentation of mind .. personality .. and body. As these elements converge together to achieve fulfilling the law of returning all misqualified energies into light .. then the individual becomes capable of living in the greater awareness .. living the higher divine will and nature. The individual develops the capacity to identify with their Essence in the Father. They begin to walk in a fuller consciousness whereby they gain entrance into the Kingdom. Spiritual insight flowers and divine perceptions abound.

The blossoming of a soul is one further step in the blending of these several human elements .. converging together .. working together to quicken .. refine .. redeem all energies as you claim ownership of your godhood .. your creative free will powers to qualify and condition Life into your desires and determinations.

The soul begins to think with direct knowing intuition and a quickened perception opening the doorway into telepathic communing.

And as the individual soul .. mind .. and personality become matured in this unfolding progression .. there awaits one further, greater unfoldment, and this is the preparation for Candidacy in the experience of the Eternal Embrace of all lifetimes.

At Salvington College .. our curriculum is designed for those individualized personality souls who are determined to complete this preparation into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty. To bypass degenerating into death .. and to become quickened into undergoing a powerful mastery and eternally sustained transformation into the Seamless Garment of Immaculate Light wherein all human levels and elements are fused eternally with the Spirit of God.

Michael of Nebadon

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