Sunday, September 21, 2014

The path or approach into Self actualization of all potentialities gives to the sincere aspirant the strength and knowledge on how to transfigure their weaknesses and shortcomings into pure wisdom and love.

Every disharmony is merely the light which had become conditioned or qualified by the individual, and that individual is the only authority for when those conditions or misqualifications of disharmony will become returned into their unconditioned state of being. Each individual's free will is honored regardless of how it is being used by them. This is mandated from the Highest One Intelligence.

And ... for those who hunger for truth and stability ... and who thirst for actualization of their natural potentials... bringing those potentials into actuality, I am offering these teachings which are designed to take a person beyond their own imprisonment of ideas into .. first, an intellectual emancipation, and then gradually into an endless unfolding of spiritual illumination, as they prepare to become more fully blended with the Principle of the Father God who lives within them.

Michael of Nebadon

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