Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Ideal of the Kingdom of God is merely the Omnipresence of His Sovereignty and Supremacy. He is the Immaculate Ocean of Undifferentiated Primordial Consciousness. He is Nameless and Indescribable, yet, He can become brought forth into our life and world. His Personality with the other Expressions of His One Deity in the Son and the Spirit .. He dwells in Godhead and in Person, relatable and easily in converse with all His Intelligences.

Yet, He extends Himself into and as the very Substance of all universes...the great and grand creation. All are His Individulaizations, yet, in time and space, this realization and actualization in making this a fact of the individual's existence, must be brought forth through effort and embrace.

Through the beatitudes I share with you .. these are the attitudinal approaches in mind and heart that must become cultivated in order to progress into His Light and Life.

This is the sole reason that this civilization is so off course; the people have forgotten that the Father .. the Ocean must become placed into Its dominion over all physical and material things.

Michael of Nebadon

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