Monday, September 22, 2014

The holy grail of understanding is to realize that you are this omnipresent Ocean of pure Consciousness. Even as you simply begin to pierce through the human veils and 'see' that you are the witnessing agent behind your eyes. That your subtle bodies and physical body are indeed outpressings of your energies. All is made of the substance of pure light, yet vibrating differently according to what you had set into motion over time and space. Then, as your lesser vibratory qualities...energies arise and become inflamed and triggered by circumstnaces and relaitonships with others, then you will know it is a blessing. The opportunity has arisen for you to return some portion of your life back into pure light. You welcome all qualities into your heart and at the same time you invite the Flames of the Host (whichever rays or flames you feel to bring down into transfigurative activity).

Then, alas, you are embracing eternity and developing the righteous use of your creative free will powers as His Individualization. You are evolving from mere child of God the Father, into His Sun .. His Individualization made manifest. All are capable at some certain point in their developing unfoldment to embrace the fullness of themselves. There is no hierarchical structure, nor is their anything to hold you back. Your personality, mind, emotions, physical body, and all seeds of memories from all lifetimes can be brought into this royal road whereby you are becoming Christed .. the Buddhahood of thine own godhood is becoming tenured, refined, and actualized. You are becoming the manifest Reality of the One God as you quicken all lesser energies in you, and then you are living truly the will of God I AM. You are allowing His nature and identity to emerge in you, through you, by you, for you, and as You.

You are receiving the fulfillment of harmony and happiness by having prepared a place to absord the greater portion of His Consciousness.

Michael of Nebadon

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