Monday, September 1, 2014

The higher will and way of the Universal Father is available to all .. yet most all souls have managed to cultivate opposing momentums  .. working in opposition to the Father.

Unawareness is caused by the unconscious mind .. which is completely outer focused upon the objects of the senses. It is a mind identified as the physical body with all the body's cravings and sensory appetites.

I view it each day as I walk amongst humanity. I observe and wait patiently for evolution to run its course within the personality and the soul. When the individual has completely exhausted themselves with their own beliefs and way of living .. and when they have come to the end of experiencing the results of their opinions and concepts of God .. then it is more evident that their search for truth and righteousness begins to stir and perhaps blossom.

Over and over do humans continue to relive the exact same dynamics and circumstances of their lifetimes. Each new lifetime brings opportunities to grow their character into the beatitudes and living attitudes of eternity and God's grace .. to cultivate the righteous values and prerogatives that will open their soul to the Spirit of the Father. Every lifetime presents learning opportunities to expand and correct their misunderstandings of how The universes function and operate .. how the evolutionary progression of the individual personality and soul must become birthed through mind cooperation and consecration .. through humility and awe being allowed to birth itself in and through the materializing soul energies which are seeking to become spiritualizing in their ascent inwards and upwards in frequency vibration.

The Kingdom of His Sovereignty will bring to each soul the dignity and self respect necessary to mature and become more receptive to the will of heaven .. yet .. the preconceptions created by mind and body must be placed into the care of the Presence of Paradise.

I bid thee to place down thine armour and weaponry of egoic fantasy and misconceived expectations which lead to disappointment and delusion; to raise thine sight into the holy and profoundly inspiring Presence of God who has come to preside as thine life force right within the reaches of thine midst.

I AM Christ Michael of the Order of Paradise Sons

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