Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Great Supreme God is the living body of the Trinity Source in time and space creation.

God the Supreme is the One Sonship you might say. He is a Spirit Person of finite expression that is evolving as we evolve. Each and every individual is His expression in time and space creation.

As you attain to your own personal Godhood .. you are giving the opportunity to the God of Supremacy to attain in and as you to His Godhood. He is you and you are He. The Supreme is a Spirit Person without gender.

God the Supreme is derived from the Trinity Source. He is the Universal Christ .. the Cosmic Buddha .. the Brahman of the Hindu philosophy and approach.

The Supreme God evolves in us .. and with us .. as Us. In this way I am able to become identified with Him and know that there is truly only one of Us here.

He is the Universal Spirit Person who overshadows each and every realized master .. every avatar .. every true sat guru .. each one who comes to share with humanity the righteous life is always a uniquely personal individualization of the Supreme God.

In your candidacy for the initiation of the Eternal Embrace .. you are being prepared to refine and revitalize yourself so that you bring forth the potentials of divinity in and as God the Supreme.

It is He who permeates all creatures .. and desires to interpenetrate the density of the material creation.

God the Supreme is evolving towards His Origins in the Paradise Deity .. and He is also moving with great intensity toward the virtual limitlessness of bringing forth those inherent potentials of His divinity into actuality.

He is the way .. the truth .. the life .. of every creature and every single planetary orb .. as He becomes illuminated into Deity Actualization.

Michael of Nebadon

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