Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The embracing eternity exercises of Sovrnty Society and Salvington College .. these develop in the aspirant the righteousness and alignment with the Father to use thy free will creative powers to set into motion a destiny of freedom and mastery in the initiation of the threefold atonement.

...and what is that ye may ask...the threefold atonement? It is your own experience of the transfiguration while you walk within the Earth by transmuting your density and darkness in vibration into light, it is the resurrection and regeneration and restructuring of your personality soul and your physical form into a new and higher .. permanent form .. that is made of light and is in perfected accord with the omnipresent everlasting life .. it is the becoming eternally one with the bestowed spirit of the Universal Father coming about through your reciprocal spiritual communion with Him in each day that you walk as a human being. It is the very next stage of evolutionary progression.

...and it is the returning of all lifetimes and all parallel expressions into the ascension or what I have shared with you by calling it the Eternal Embrace...this is the very same embrace that many others have undergone to accomplish their own personality soul completion or graduation from the rounds of the Earth evolution.

In this simple yet disciplined way .. which is a necessary experience in order to establish the Kingdom of Heaven in and through you, you become truly His Son or Daughter, and you evolve yourself into an immortal member of the Network of His Supremacy ... for upon this spiritual attainment you are invited to become joined as a uniquely personal individualized expression of God the Supreme ..   and you are joining with the Host of Heaven for this planetary civilization in the great service and more unlimited expression.

...for God cannot make a mortal, limited, immature creature into a god merely overnight, yet, these stages of growth and evolution allow for the aspirant soul to become more fully emancipated in their intellectual and emotional attainment, as well as illuminated in their field of energy.

Our Salvington College is designed for the aspirant soul to become illuminated in the very same way that I had demonstrated in Galilee upon the shores throughout what is now known as Israel. The aspirant then becomes accomplished and established never having to return into these octaves of birth and death, yet he or she is awakened upon the greater shores of their universal citizenship as a living individualization of the governmental administration of this local universe which we have been guiding into light now for eons of time.

The College is 'geared' for one who desires above all things to attain to this completion graduation of the ages...

Michael of Nebadon

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