Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Paradise Trinity Endowment .. these circuits of the Divine Infinite Persons of the Trinity Source .. are your nearest and dearest, your most powerful means of approaching closer to the Father's Spirit who is bestowed within thee.

This circuit of divinity begins with the Father's Presence presiding directly within thine midst. He is thine destination for eternal union and blending with Him in the sacred eternal marriage of the Eternal Embrace; second, and at one with the Spirit of the Father is My own Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter which is thine teacher and guide into the fullness of realization of truth and its conviction in faith and trust. In this Comforter Spirit, I surround you and travel with you in every second of your moments; and third, is the Universe Mother Spirit .. Her Holy Spirit and Her divine Spirits which cultivate the maturing of all mind. The Mother's Spirit flows powerfully through the Host of Heaven, and is then, distributed to each soul who asks and aspires to receive from the Host their radiation of this Holy Spirit which they have concentrated and directed for the progression of humanity.

Michael of Nebadon

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