Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our choice is prime real estate. Many organizations .. companies .. people .. causes .. they are all fighting for our choice .. our attention and participation.

Choice over time brings about manifestation.  The choice to direct thyself upward is free will expressing in any given moment. Your free will is the leverage that you have from which you've built your present circumstances in your life.

Our soul expression acts as a magnetization for anything that we are choosing to magnify with our focused attention and awareness .. our consciousness. 

For example, if someone does something to you that is socially rude and upsetting .. you have a choice how to respond to that. If you respond with anger and attempt to hit back, then you bind those angry attacking qualities to your consciousness .. your soul field .. your body mind emotions.

Then, you must spend the time transfiguring those qualities that you've just generated. The 'karmas' that you live with in this lifetime are some of the qualities that had been generated by you many lifetimes ago.

In our association .. I am demonstrating to you how to erase those karmas or energetic tendencies through your Embracing Eternity Exercises and the Seven Eyes of free will attainment. This fulfills the law of harmony and balance. You become clearer and live less and less in the old destructive momentums generated in your past. You bring a newly found light into the present moment.  You begin to redirect your existence into the embrace of that inner Kingdom.

You are creating with righteousness and honoring your godhood as you command the transfiguring of all lesser vibratory substance. You free yourself to experience divine will .. spiritual insights appear .. and the divine perceptions become everyday occurrences.

You are living in the Kingdom of His Sovereignty as your mind becomes renewed. You are baptized with the Holy Comforter and Holy Spirit. A regeneration becomes established for you as you are being raised out of the race consciousness and into the Supreme God.

... and these changes are lasting and eternal movements and progressions of protection and praise of the Father of our existence.

Michael of Nebadon

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