Sunday, September 7, 2014

My way is precise and very specific. Most will miss due to attempting to overlay their own interpretations and preconcieved ideas onto Our Ideal. You can't put new wine into old skins. You can't place your ideas and opinions onto My teachings. You must discard your opinions and ideas to allow for the pure reception of Mine.

So, clearly most will not want to discard their own ideas for Mine, and they will miss out on upgrading their intellectual understanding of God and His way. They will hold tightly to their own opinions even as those ideas have not truly served their freedom and mastery. It is a matter of pride and stubbornness, the needing to be right and the refusal to admit being in error. Few come unto Me from the civilization of Mankind. Throughout this universe of which I am sovereign, there is a great respect and a growing embrace. The other civilizations on so many planets are accepting these things without hesitation nor hindrance. Yet, the humanity is caught in the entanglements of their own creating. The Host for the planet has guided and tweaked and inspired and ignited greater actualization; the initiating of the potentials in Mankind.

And we of the Universal administration come to you and tell you this: that we are all sharing the One Supreme God Essence, and will you attempt to move into a mature cooperation with Us, so that the body of the Supreme may flower and blossom in this section of the galaxy...

Michael of Nebadon

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