Monday, September 22, 2014

Knowledge and right understanding of God is not a religious category nor is it contained by spirituality nor is it to be segmented off. True knowledge of God is understanding how to evolve society, civilizations, and the individual. God .. or however you wish to refer to that Omnipresent Infinite Intelligence...of love and mercy and all goodly virtues .. is Life and Consciousness.

The human civilization... the current one; for there have been many unknown to mankind ... must arrive at the platform of true understanding of Life .. its origins and source, its way which the entire universes thrive within, and its divine technology, if you will, that allow all things to flourish in an upward, and never-ending evolutionary progression into the next age which is coming .. the age of light and life.

It will come regardless of any or all rebelliousness from it due to ignorance and doubt and fear. Yet, this age which comes is the spiral upward into Life .. a permanent light filled existence whereby intelligence is not hindered by human limitation and lack, but it is the expansion into this planetary civilization of every universally established precept that will drive the human race higher into connecting to the personalities and spirit intelligences of our galaxy and the surrounding universe.

However, I can assure you this, that until mankind does away with competition and warfare, selfishness and insanity, the species will not be given the right to evolve much further into becoming a dignified part of the solar, galactic, and universal family that does await for humanity to grow up and become bold in their courageous attempt to grow and mature into light.

Michael of Nebadon

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