Monday, September 22, 2014

I come to you speaking often in metaphor, yet the Father is the great Ocean of this Primordial Consciousness .. everywhere present, in everything, as everything and as everyone. He is thine Source of all intelligences and every creature is His child .. is His own Selfhood.

In finite creation He comes as the body of the universes .. sharing the evolutionary unfoldment in time and space finiteness, yet He dwells in person at the very Center and Source .. the Spiritual Hub of the Universes .. as the Infinite One without name nor difference, immaculate and simply unabe to be fathomed entirely... He is the Originating Absolute .. the Undifferentiated Ocean of Consciousness. There is no beginning nor is there an end to His Omnipresent Omniscience and Omnipotence.

And each individual when beyond the egoic individual becomes the experience of His Individualization. In this Supremacy, ye must unfold thineself through effort and struggle. For humanity .. the righteous approach to the Father .. to this great Ocean of being .. has been confused and misrepresented.

As you consecrate thine will to the unfolding of the Will of the Totality .. the Universal Father .. when you give to God all that you are and all that you have .. then does this vast unending Intelligence make you into more than you of yourself can become.

And so, the decision is thine own to choose into this Ideal .. of becoming what you are meant and intended to become. It is not an automatic unfoldment because it requires each to freely choose into this plan and design. To choose, and to be willing to become quickened into the Kingdom of Light.

Michael of Nebadon

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