Tuesday, September 30, 2014

... to become conscious that you are Consciousness Itself .. the It of Itself .. this is the beginnings of the great adventure in becoming a citizen of this universe. .. this local universe.

 ... not to be conscious of something, yet to become conscious of thine force of life which is Consciousness Itself .. only this beginning movement into relationship with existence and with life .. only this brings happiness and fulfillment to the individual. All else is merely temporal sensory attempts to have happiness through the body mind complexities.

Conscious of being Consciousness is the very beginnings of realization and revelation. Thine accumulated momentums of destructively qualified force are your only hindrance to this realization. And to cause to evaporate these accumulated momentums you must become fully accountable to your creative prerogatives as a child of the Source.

...and so, this is the earth curriculum .. accountability brings forth the power to grow in character and consciousness. To become refined and matured into grace and generosity. To blend with the particle of Life given to you by the Father Source of all life and all intelligences in existence.

Michael of Nebadon

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