Tuesday, September 2, 2014

As I have been sharing with you ... thy creative power and free will must become matured and conscious...you are destined to become the Self Directive Governing Presence. In this state of consciousness, you are the determiner of your own destiny in light.

The exercises at Sovrnty Society prepare the individual soul to make that commitment to become a candidate for the Eternal Embrace. This is an eternal initiation which begins with the opening of the seven seals of your consciousness. This is thine entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven, the expansion of the godhood of the Father, blending with your personal human being in the creating of a new and illuminated being.

These seven seals of consciousness do become then, opened and activated, awakened, quickened, regenerated and illuminated. 

Hence, you are working towards this illumination as you bring balance and harmony to all thine soul; for as ye create through the power of free will, so are you destined to experience your creations, your qualities of life, your relationship with the Universal Father, Everlasting Son, and Infinite Spirit through the endowment of Paradise.

I bid you godspeed in the strength and determination to become a candidate for the completion.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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