Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Always is Our association concerned with individuals and then only the civilization. Individuals are intended to step upward their progressions into light by adhering to the great laws and aligning with the One will. This is the only way that the individual soul and personality can evolve and advance their soul career within the earth. Daily embracing of eternity; the eternal attitudes and perspectives through the leading of their own indwelling spirit force. Through thine listening desire to have life more fully, and to give thine thanks and gratitudes to the Origin of your existence .. the Source of your life and world; in this way through a reciprocal spiritual communion of prayer and relationship, purification of all past lifetimes wherein the free will was misused and errors were accumulated; gradual step by ordinary steps you partake of the nature and identity of the divine force within you.

Always does it remain the prerogative of the individual free will choice whether they evolve into the greater portion of light that remains their inheritance. Each is free to choose accordingly. Each and every personality soul has entered into this earth curriculum wherein you are measured by your own adherence to the eternal verities of understanding life .. how it truly operates into and through the individual soul that you are. How it is designed that you are a child of the Source .. the Origin .. and what you decide to do with this gift of life is completely in your hands.

Always will I surround you in Mine Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Presence .. waiting upon your receptivity .. to guide you, to teach thine way .. into thine further progressions of maturity and consciousness.

Michael of Nebadon

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