Sunday, September 21, 2014

All things are made of the Substance of God; the Supreme Essence of existence. It is referred to by a multitude of names, yet it is this One Light .. Spirit .. Intelligence .. Love .. all merely metaphors to describe the indescribable and undifferentiated.  It is the Tao ..

Truly .. there is only the One Substance, although it is constructed by individual's creative thought into various patterns and forms. On this plane of existence .. creation or precipitation or manifestation .. takes place through individually focused thought and feeling alongside the elements of time and space. Yet .. all manifest form and appearance is but the materializing effects of the One Certain Cause.

From the higher planes .. time is instantaneous.  The appearances come into form and go out of form instantaneously. So quickly does one manifest object come and go that you could say that it never even existed but for a millimoment in "eternal time".

So if we spend our energy and focus placed upon the manifest form .. then we spend our creative attentive focus with something that never existed at all. We waste our creative faculties on a mirage of sorts. And because we impress vibrational qualities upon our soul with whatsoever we focus on .. and focus is worship .. then we are worshipping not a thing .. nothing at all... merely an apparition of appearances and effects .. like a shadow and then attempting to live in and with a shadow .. trying to gain some kind of joy and happiness from a mirage rather than what is truly real.

...and our vibratory action .. our rates of vibration do slow down when we have spent our focus upon a mirage .. because there is no life in a mirage. Life only exists as Cause .. the Omnipresent Omnipotence of Consciousness. The Life is sort of in the mirage .. yet only in small empowerments.
Yet.. the Life .. the One Consciousness .. is Us .. and it is backwards in concept to focus upon our effect as being real when we are the reality from which every mirage emanates.

Think on this beloveds .. contemplate on this living ideal.

Thus, humanity as a race is caught within a hypnotic dream, and is depleting itself one individual at a time by sleepwalking in unconsciousness to the facts of their existence. Doing dead works all day long which amount to not even a farthing of value.

For Consciousness is all .. and it contains light and love and life in It .. as Itself. And it does have a Center and Source which has brought it forth into existence as we know it.

A Great and Mighty Power and Intelligence over which it has full dominion and control. It commands all Individualized portions of Itself to become full empowerments of themselves in the very same way.

Thus .. is this the royal road to salvation as they say. It is the redemptive salvation of human beings .. to know these things and to do the bidding of the Paradise Gods .. the One Deity .. the One Originating Consciousness.

I bid thee each .. be of peace and joy in knowing that you are stretched even now in awakening beyond the hypnotic trance of the ages.

Michael of Nebadon

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