Friday, September 19, 2014

A learning is taking place for humanity as a whole race. Less and less is there going to be the outer stabilities and places to rest thine head in the ever-chaning appearances. More and still more will individuals be compelled to gravitate towards the unchanging absolute beyond relativity. For those who are feeling anxious andinsecure, in general, rest in Me. Find thine home base in Me...the Father within thee.

Hopelessness arises as the individual focuses merely upon the temporal, and purposelessness comes from attempting to live outside of the Unified Presence of the Supreme God. Only He will offer thee salvation, and as you learn of His law of bringing balance and harmony to your soul field, then will you become saturated with His purpose, and His hopefulness.

Forgiveness from all sin and error comes through the fulfilling of the law. It comes to the individual as they give themselves to the washing away of all that is misaligned with reality and truth. For thine light is indwelling and everpresent. He desires to inundate all persons with His Supremacy, His Perfection, His Glory and Honor. Learning must come about to live in the better way wherein sovereignty becomes established in us. Sovereignty is the establishing of security, stability, and sweetness. You cannot attempt to imitate this or make it happen by changes in your behavior; for you must become transformed, first, by Mine Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter, and the Holy Spirit of the Creative Mother Spirit.

We welcome your invitation through your call in asking inviting the Host of Heaven to guide thine way. My Comforter shall be thine teacher and guide, beloveds. Together, we shall bring about a transformation wherein fact replaces fiction, where truth washes over falsehood, wherein the lesser is drowned out by the greater in you.

Our association abounds imminently surrounding you with all goodness, beauty, and truth. Mine benevolence is His Omnipotence made available to humanity as a race, and within thas collective, individuals shall become returnhed into their own best interest, their own greatest unfoldment . . .

Michael of Nebadon

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