Friday, August 18, 2017

When the sun rises

When the sun rises, darkness as well as the troubles arising from it disappear.

Similarly, for those who have realized the Spirit of Life as their own Godhood indwelling .. there is no longer any bondage, nor the sorrow arising from the bondage.

I say to thee .. delusion comes only to those who forget their bearings, and who have lost a sense of their purpose and meaning. Egoism is the greatest factor in making people forget their very basic Truth of sonship and daughtership with the Eternal God.

Once egoism enters the human mind and heart, it is as a poison .. and a cancer which strips away all authentic inclinations, and inhibits the possibilities of true love forming. Humankind falls away from the ideal and value of living the virtuous life with righteousness and honor. He and she then, precipitates the great and gradual fall as if slipping down the stairs of life .. from the top of the stairs in quickness and error humankind falls from step to step, down to the very bottom floor.

Egoism breeds schisms, hatreds and attachments. Egoism grows divisions and divisiveness amongst the population and within the civilization. Through misguided attachment and carnal  affection, and even envy and hatred, human beings take their plunge downward into ephemeral activities which add no such value nor virtue to their true goal and purpose of finding the eternal God and becoming alike to him in their nature.

Human beings become hypnotized by the senses and the mortal mechanical, thinking mind. They become immersed in the world. This leads to the almost endless embodiment in the physical frame through the womb of the mother ..  and as such, further egoism develops and grows upon their countenance and human nature like parasites which grab hold of their victim attempting to gain nourishment from them.

In order to become free from the extreme pulls of pleasure and pain, one must rid oneself of body-consciousness and keep clear of self-centered actions. This again involves the absence of attachment and hatred; desire to satiate the bodily urgings is the enemy number one of all freedom and liberation. The human mortal desire binds one to the identification with the body only, and pins them to the tapestries of mortal mechanical and material mind and heart. Their values are stricken and contracted.

Blood cannot flow through these constricted veins, and as such, the Life giving Impulse cannot flow through the individual who has melded themselves to the tendencies of divisive mechanical and material thinking. The only solution is to reach into the Parenthood of God, and to share outwardly with the Brotherhood of humanity and the Kingdoms of the earth.

Only then, shall you discover thine Godhood, prepare thyself for entrance into Its throne of goodness and truth, and arise into the great quickening of Universal Citizenship.

Michael Of Nebadon

Arise Mine earth children

Arise Mine earth children, and attend to thine universe career. The Kingdom of My Father God hath Mercy and Forgiveness at hand.

The great Plan of Salvation is the most inclusive opportunity for all to partake of in their individual lives.

Happiness is the property of every creature. Happiness cometh upon the hearts and brows of the children of the earth as ambassadors of the Sovereign Shepherd I AM.

Joy shall be the overflowing impulse for all the kingdoms of the earth .. shaping destiny .. and inwardly charging thine motivations with the will of the heavens.

Ye shall feel thine directives .. thine receptivity grow .. and the Life of God I AM shall become absolutely adored. His Life will illuminate the avenues of creature ascent towards the Absoluteness of Ascendancy; this is the harmonious and orderly approach of the ages.

Michael Of Nebadon

The University Of Salvington

Truly .. the Universe Mother and the Planetary Host of Administration prepare the personality mind through University Of Salvington. I am with you every step of your way into the abundant Light and Life everlasting.

The University Of Salvington offers students worldwide the opportunity to establish themselves within the Infinite Light through the Absolute Love of Source; preparing the personality soul for its entrance into Eternal Life.

At Salvington University there are seven college halls, and each maintains and fosters its own unique collegiate learning atmosphere.

Each college has a keynote theme while each term within the nine term course has a compulsory core of one of these following five areas.

Our Course of study is offered at all seven of the Colleges

Seven Colleges.

One Salvington.

One Curriculum.

Limitless Possibilities.

Diversity and Unique Community.

Great and Humble Opportunities.

All students at Salvington become members of an academic community called a college, as well as being members of the wider University.

Colleges offer a close and supportive environment to foster the academic development and welfare of every one of their students.

The College is at the heart of the Salvington experience guiding and supporting each student in their personal ascent to explore absolute truth, to discover its application in life, and to become the ideal in its actualizing potentials.

Before arriving as a freshman student you will be randomly assigned to one of the seven colleges, giving Salvington Students a built-in community and ‘household’ from the moment they arrive.

Most Salvington students quickly become convinced that their College is the best. Each close-knit community serves as a microcosm of Salvington’s diverse student population, while preserving the intimacy of a smaller college experience.

You’ll have a college tutor who is a Fellow of the University to oversee your academic development: an academic who teaches and learns with you.

They interview applicants and decide who should study at their college.

They may teach you, or arrange tutorials for you in college. Whichever college you go to, you will be studying for the same degree at the end of your course.

Work is divided between the College Tutorials, the Amphitheatrum University Lectures, and the Reading and Studying of some of the great Writings on religious spirituality. A large part of your week will be spent in private study to prepare for tutorials.

The system of teaching at Salvington combines the best of one-to-one or small group tutorials in college, with the wealth of resources in the University.

Students share lectures, classes and practicals in their department, depending on their subject. Studying at Salvington is exciting, a springboard from which to dive into an ocean of opportunities.

Whichever college you enter, you will be studying the same course: the University organizes the lectures and practical classes, and sets the time for university intercollegiate fellowship between the colleges, university lectures, private college dialogues, individual reading assignments, and one-on-one guidance.

Whichever course you choose, an Salvington aims to make you think for yourself, logically and laterally.

The collegiate structure

Everything works on a smaller scale with concentrated resources, a close-knit community and highly individual teaching with tutors who really take an interest in you.’

‘Tutor’ is Salvington’s name for a member of academic staff. They are developing specialists in the field of My teachings, and usually active researchers – tutorials are the small group teaching that you will have with your tutor.

Salvington University is made up of colleges spread across the 'City of Salvington'. These circle halls provide a common room for sharing with your colleagues, a common room, a growing library, and the Gardens of the Transfiguration Temple of Salvington.

Every 'undergraduate' participates in our college accommodations. It is also here that college tutors will oversee your studies and normally arrange your tutorial teaching. The relatively small number of students at each college ensures a ready-made community which nurtures all undergraduate apostles’ academic development and welfare.

The tutorial teachings review some of the great texts throughout the present civilization alongside My University Lectures, the daily practicals, and certain other forms of teaching. All students attend the tutorials activities in their college setting. Around once a week in each subject studied, you will meet your tutor, usually with one or two other students, to discuss your work in depth.

This personalized attention means that you will face the personally rigorous transformative academics of Salvington bringing to you very definite challenges on a weekly basis, encouraging and facilitating your learning in a way that just isn’t possible on your own and by yourself.

Salvington tutorials require you to think for yourself, to develop your uniqueness of mind, personhood, and heartfelt virtues and values – essential skills for the walk into your own personal and thriving transformative education .. an academic transformation like no other.

Your transformative academic success will give you purpose and meaning, direction and willingness, and the joyful fulfillment of knowing that you are advancing in all ways.

Michael Of Nebadon

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Grace Comes to the Merciful One

In olden sayings, ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

Yet, I say to you that as you desire your freedom from insecurity and instability .. ye shall resist not the unpleasant evil which arrives at thine door.

Verily, nothing comes to the individual’s life unless they themselves are vibrating in the same way, and with the very same arrangement of qualities.

Whosoever shall attempt to hurt thee on thy right cheek, turn to him or her .. and see the reflection of your own vibrations. Make thee goodly use of the mirror of veils in order to perceive those qualities within your own field of life.

And if any man or woman shall oppose thee, and take away thy coat, let him or her have thy cloke also. And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

Give to him that asketh thee more than their askings, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away but give as you would give to God the Father in your advancements of adorational worship.

Michael Of Nebadon

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Receive truth

Verily, I say to the tender ones of the world who possess the capacity to receive truth .. to understand the way of the Universal Father .. to become his nature .. Knoweth the Supreme Christ, impregnate thyself with him, bathe in his sweet goodness, live in him, arise into this righteousness and remembrance.

...and as ye walk truthward, so shall you become his immortal personalization.

Michael Of Nebadon

I give you

I give you of My conviction of faith trust in the Absolute Parenthood of God. I offer to humanity My vision which is the heavenly approach into your eternal life with the Spirit of God in your midst.

Lean on Me. Drink deeply of Our Wholeness. Learn of Mine way of  everlasting truth fellowship together.

Now, are ye quickening into your own transfigurations .. as ye arise upon the shorelines of My Father’s Kingdom.

Michael Of Nebadon

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Once becometh self-conscious

When My children once becometh self-conscious of the certainty of God's watchcare .. the faith filled assurance of the divine presence living in thine midst .. this quality of trustworthy kinship shall broaden understanding in the mind, replenish the soul, invigorating the heart in its devotion for Absolute Objectivity and Divine Truth.

Our association shall bring renewal to thine thinking mind .. raising the mortal mind into its Christhood.

The faith of the spirit-filled believers of My gospel approach will expand the mind into direct knowledge and personal revelatory experience .. ennoble the personhood into dignity, confidence, and self-respect .. enrapture the hearts determination for freedom and order.

Our religious spirituality grows fellowship with the Spirit of God. It shall amplify all happiness as you transfigure your sins of misqualification and transmute your misunderstandings of identity.

Such a faith as ours in Salvington University shall build this faith relationship into maturity and eventually survival of personality.  Immortality through becoming birthed once again in your Second Birth into light will be your eventual reality and experience.

The Foundations of the Universe Mother Spirit .. her values and virtues of mind .. shall deepen the intuitively garnered realization of God the Father. Spirit perception shall ripen. The divine intuition of insightful understanding shall impulse thee beyond the borderland of mortal experience.

...and certainly, the enhancement of unconditional love and acceptance shall give you nourishment so much so that you halt all outer seeking in the recognition that the power of love dwells in your imminent midst.

Michael Of Nebadon

Rejoice in the Universal Kingdom

May the Absolute Good Will of the Trinity Persons of Deity be upon you now.

Rejoice in knowing that I have prepared a way for each of you to advance into the freedom of your personality immortality.

Rejoice in understanding that I am eternally with you at all times. That My Personhood shows you the approach of the Immortal Ones who are now serving you to enter therein into the Universal Kingdom of My Father’s Life.

Rejoice that you have been brought to Me .. to achieve the graduation ceremony of the Second Birth into God's Holy Light and Life through the omnipotence of His Mercy-dominated Loving Nature.

Rejoice in walking with Me beyond the ephemeral landscape of effects and temporal appearance of the world; for I surround thee and am I the interpenetrating teacher guide of  thine personality being. I dwell with you at one with the Father Son with utter compassion and the thrilling faith trust strength of our progressive advancement.

The Supremacy of God depends upon your choices in each moment. This is the degree of your holiness of accountability to deliver yourself into this endearing Intimacy with the Paradise Infinity.

Rejoice thou child of the universes in perceiving that the way of approaching the Universal Spirit is made plain and simple for those who are willing and wholehearted.

Know that I AM the Universal Vine of the Lord thine God given from above the express responsibility of delivering you to the Father’s Kingdom of Freedom.

Yet, these gifts of God's endowment will avail you nothing unless you are cleansed by the eternal spirit .. and in this transmutation shall you come prepared and receptive and humblingly willing to claim your inheritance of the divine possession, and by the certitudes of your faith and trust, of the gifting of eternal life in your personality name within the book of life.

I do come bearing these gifts of actualizing potentials into the realities of glory. As you stand upright to attention upon the God Life, so shall you become the faith sons and daughters of My Father God, and in this act of your claiming the choice of righteousness .. ye shall never taste of death. Nor shall you perish in personality .. nor in your eternal personhood shall you re-enter the maternal womb of flesh and blood.

Mine gospel teaches that you are each the faith-made sons and daughters of destiny in the Father. And this joy producing gospel shall be carried to all the world; that our Paradise Father holds limitless love for each of his children .. that the time is come upon thee to enter intimately with him .. to give thyself to him in all ways through your willingness to share the Life of God.

The time is upon thee to learn to adore the Universal Parenthood of Paradise through pure adorational worship and praise of Him right wheresoever you reside in the world .. ye shall know that He Is!

Worship the Spirit of God where you are, as you are, and in spirit and in truth .. in righteousness and rectitude .. in respect and responsive receptivity. Evenso, I say to you .. worship him with the fullness of accounting for all your life experiences .. all your circumstances, your self-created environment, your personal relationships, and your sufferings and constructive achievements earthly.

Give to Him all credit and power and glory. Retain not one thing for thyselves, and ye shall findeth your reward delivered to you in the attainment of the Immortal Reality which is your heavenly increase and eternal destination in the heaven of heavens.

Thine human mortal faith and trustworthiness is the goodly impetus .. the omnipotent truthful driver .. of your salvation. Salvation is certainly the gift of God the Father to all who believe they are his sons and daughters, and who live in accordance with this knowledgeable understanding.

Rejoice thou child of destiny .. whilest thine salvation cometh through the demonstration of your faith .. yet, there are still further attainments to achieve; for upon your faith trust relationship you shall learn to bear the fruits of this spirit-filled life as it is lived in the flesh garment.

Rejoice in the acceptance of the Parenthood of Paradise, and the associated truth of the Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of creation.

So shall ye believe in My doctrine that you will come to perceive rightly thine brethren in the flesh as family, and your colleagues in the immortal octaves to be your brothers and sisters of eternity. And these Immortal Colleagues are perhaps your greatest benefactors in the attainment of your own eternal freedom.

I bid thee strength and durability and the courageously endowed character which bringeth about righteousness of decision and responsibility .. and a personality wholeness and maturing responsiveness for the gift of mercy to come upon thee in it's inevitable preparations to make of thee Mine Universal Divine Personalizations.

Michael Of Nebadon

Praiseful adoration

Ye shall live an inspired and spirit-filled life of praiseful adoration and divine worship. Thine allegiance and loyalties shall find firm footing as you become intimate with the Spirit Indwellor.

The authority of truth is the very spirit which lives in your midst. The living spirit and the alivened truth.

My gospel of the Universal Kingdom of God compels you to live in this wholehearted willingness to find the Father, and to become alike to Him in your nature attributes and character attitudes.

Ye shall direct thine creatively given focus towards the Absoluteness of God .. and as you do this in your earth moments, so shall you enter the new and exalted order of humanity.

A new beginning shall emerge for you. A renewal of faith and trust will blossom under these circumstances of ascendancy. Your personal reliance upon the living Father Spirit in your midst shall grow and prosper you in every way imaginable.

Through the mind and body of humankind shall divine truth shine forth in consciousness and character only as you enter association with the Trinity Persons. And I have offered you My precepts of attaining to your personality piousness and purity .. an approach of appropriately attending to this indwelling religious relationship.

All scriptures and other writings which the human nature has touched shall be regarded as fallible and partially tainted by human consciousness. Always, the divine truth in human experience is of only a relative purity .. and a partial divinity .. when held by humanity; for all evolutionary creatures can only possess this relative perfection at the most.

The revelations of truth are an open book for all to partake of. Only the mortal seals of density bring ignorance and bigotry .. arrogance and prejudice .. narrow mindedness and artificialities of every sort .. and these do cause men and women to become loyal to human error and fallacy.

The new light of My gospel whereby each individual personality has access to create intimacy with the Infinite Persons of Paradise Trinity is .. in part .. revelatory for human civilization.  Only through this personal direct religious relationship and eternal communion shall human beings gain access to the Kingdom of Heaven.

I bid thee a developing understanding of the Intimacy you are to behold with the Father .. an activity of association with the Initiatory Thought and Life of God .. humility and strength to stand one with all things in you as you raise your life and world into this living alignment with the Infinite Intelligence Circuits of the Trinity Source.

Michael Of Nebadon

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Truth is his everywhereness

Truth is his everywhereness .. dwelling in and through all creatures and things.

I AM the Lord God .. Father Son .. given the responsibility of carrying this universe into the Kingdom of the Heavens.

...and I shall accomplish this great feat one individual at a time.

Michael Of Nebadon

Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad

Blessed are ye when men and women shall judge and revile you for your beliefs and pathway of life .. for great is the Kingdom of intelligence and honor.

Blessed are ye when the ignorance of the world  awakens from their self intetest to momentarily persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil opinions against you falsely, for My sake; for their own time shall come when they must walk in honesty and dignity.

Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad .. for wondrous is thine heavenly reward .. for all personalities who have walked before thee have undergone the very same projections out of the mortal mind of humanity  so  .. and persecuted they had been.. even the prophets of olden lore which were before you had been confronted with the same confusion and complexity.

Yet .. be thou ever joyfulness in your relationship of intimacy with the Paradise Trinity Parenthood. Advance thyselves towards Universal Citizenship. Graduation from these octaves of learning shall be deemed reliable and respectable in the times ahead.

Michael Of Nebadon

The end of yourself ..

When you come to the end of yourself .. then shall you desire Me. Evolutionary progression is this way.

I dwell in the eternality of God. I have all time and limitless space to allow your free will to play itself out.

I surround thee at all times. I know and understand your choices and temptations. I observe thine Attenuations of Our Ascendancy.

Truly, the advancement into Truth comes through a mind developing it's capacities to become a receptacle for Justice.

Michael Of Nebadon

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ye shall become quickened and cleansed

Verily, I say to thee .. ye shall become quickened and cleansed .. purified and then unified with the Father’s Initiatory Life. His Kingdom shall expand to taketh you in, and ye shall find your place within this universe.

I am with you closer than the hairs upon your skin.

Ask of Me to show you My whereabouts. Attend to My Tenfold Precepts of Intimacy in your ascendancy to the Kingdom.

These tenfold precepts are My Word of Glory which I will pour outward to you upon your fulfillment of the Kingdom keys.

The Kingdom hath invisibility to you .. it hath it's quietude .. and it Showeth itself only to those individuals who willingly give up their opinions and control.

Again, I say to you .. there are these certain preparations which you shall attain to; attributes of genuineness and graciousness .. generosity and gentleness .. gracefulness cometh to those personalities who are wholeheartedly devoted to Truth and Objectivity which is Love.

These are the attributes of God's nature .. the righteous attitudes given his creatures. He is thine Life right now .. and to claim this inheritance in him .. ye shall become enlivened with great courage to face thyself in all ways as you develop godwards.

My Father’s Sovereignty is his Kingdom of Redemption and Regeneration .. Remembrance and Revelation .. Responsibility and Intimacy of Religious Relationship with every creature and every single blade of grass which growtheth to fulfill it's potentials.

My Spirit Comforter which I am .. I walk with thee in your surroundings and as part of your life experiences, and as you engage with Me .. I shall respond to you with our ever blossoming and intimate fellowship which always amplifies the glory of the Parenthood of God and the Universal Brotherhood of all creatures and beings.

Be thou .. ever attendant upon this intimacy of religious communion, and ye shall build a new momentum of God's power in thee .. his mercy shall endure and overwhelmingly conquer all adversaries in you.

His forgiveness when entered into hath fire and cleansing potency .. a power of Omnipotence which hath no limits to prepare thee for the adventures of eternity.

Michael Of Nebadon

Bring thine self into his remembrance

As ye bring thine self into his remembrance .. you shall transfigure all lesser vibratory activities and temporal influences shall become extinguished by the righteous applications of your free will.

Michael Of Nebadon

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Gather the worthy ones

I am come to gather the worthy ones who have given to the Almighty Parenthood of God their decision; to advance themselves beyond the scope of primitive thoughts and feelings into the Kingdom of their Cosmic Citizenship.

Michael Of Nebadon

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Worldwide Communion with Michael Of Nebadon

Beloved One,

Verily do I say to Mine children of the earth ..I am returned here and now in the garment of flesh and temporal form. I have prepared thine way to freedom and clarity in the Universal Father who lives in thee.

The University Of Salvington is My Retreat Seminary for those who desire transformation into their own Second Birth of Light and Life - the Immortal Garment of eternal Life everlasting must be prepared for, refined in you. The Kingdom of God seeks to dwell more completely in the hearts of Mine children. I am offering this learning opportunity for those who have the faith and trust of a child.

I say unto thee, my beloved children, that my Paradise Father is not confined by human organization nor is He limited by dogmatic concepts in the minds of human beings. He is not the God only of this religion or that sect.

All are welcomed into His Kingdom of Light, insofar as ye make thine decision to enter therein, and ye are willing and cooperative...eager and athirst to attain the living of His Will and Plan.

All those receptive of my Father God shall come to sit down with us in the Father’s Kingdom, and yet, many shall refuse to enter this next two thousand year cycle wherein the omnipotence of His Love and Life shall reign supreme.

Humanity shall experience interacting with the living network of His Supremacy...the Host of Heaven...and the Order of the Immortal Ones. My Father shall rule within all; for His spirit shall take up fuller residence in the hearts and minds, and bodies of the children of men.

The power of His Sovereign Kingdom shall be comprised of the establishing of His glory...the living glory of His spirit which presides directly with each living soul and personality. This living spirit shall teach those receptive minds and will overtake rule within the hearts of the populace of this heavenly kingdom.

The newly-found sons of God shall find themselves walking in a brotherhood of mercy wherein righteousness reigns over all supremely. Thine civilization shall become righteous and knowledgeable regarding the gift of free will. Peace and acceptance for any differences shall be reinstituted first in the soul of each personality, and then, it will be externalized in all the systems of this world. Thine race shall be made to evolve and mature in a more unlimited fashion.

His Kingdom and Sovereignty is the fulfillment of all good men and women throughout all time and space within this planetary sphere. It is the everpresent hope of all and every Kingdom within this Earth. It will be the completion of a certain octave or frequency wherein all will have a greater ease and chance to graduate and complete their rounds of expression.

Yet, for all those who have the courage and willingness to cooperate in order to enter into this Kingdom of Light, there will be the intensity of challenges and tests given in order to prime thee and make thee men and women who have become gods.

I am inviting all Mine earth children to enter and learn with Me.

1. My Daily teachings and preachings, Worldwide Groups and Planetary Communities, Messenger Chats and Fellowship Conferences, Michael Of Nebadon Foundation Pages and the further Preparations for admission into the University Of Salvington which is My Seminary Retreat for the Planet:

2. The University Of Salvington Society is the next step beyond the public teachings and studies for the individual who craves My way of approach into the Father of Life living in their own hearts and minds:

3. The University Of Salvington Planetary Campus:

4. All Inquiries may be addressed to our Admissions Office:

5. Further free booklets and guidance on how to navigate into My Retreat Seminary can be accessed by also writing to our Offices:

Michael Of Nebadon

Friday, August 4, 2017

My Universal Religious Spirituality

The gospel of My Father’s Kingdom is built upon the everlasting foundations of the Person of the Fatherhood of God who is your life and destiny, the Person of the Primal Mother Son and the Universal Sonship of all men and women through the Living Vine of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter, and the Person of the Immaculate Preparatory Infinite Spirit and his ministry expression in the universes as Mothering Spirit; his ministry of preparing men and women to enter into this Kingdom as uniquely-held individualized personalities with Cosmic Citizenship capacities to be actualized.

I have taught you that this emerging Kingdom in your heart and mind would begin to give you a new existence of joy, power, and glory.

I teach you to make way for this said Kingdom of My Father God; for the glory of the kingdom would come with power, and some of you are discovering this reality taking place for you. You are beginning to discern what I speak of.

Currently in this 21st century bestowal mission which I am administering at this present time, I return to My followers so that every new group of mortals to appear upon the face of the earth shall have a new and up-to-date version of the gospel, just such personal enlightenment and group guidance as will prove to be an effective solvent for humankind’s ever-new and varied spiritual difficulties.

The first mission of My coming is, of course, to foster and personalize truth, for it is the comprehension of truth that constitutes the highest form of human liberty.

Next, it is the purpose of our apostleship association to destroy the believer’s feeling of orphanhood. Walking amongst men and women, all believers shall experience a sense of the extinguishing of their loneliness .. as each one comes forth to engage with Me .. to allow Me to outpour My Spirit of Truth .. and to come to dwell most fully in men’s hearts.

This bestowal of which I am speaking effectively prepares all normal men and women’s minds for their receptivity response of the subsequent universal bestowal of the Father’s spirit upon all mankind.

My Universal Station and the expression of My Spirit of Truth is the spirit of both the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. In this way do I reveal, demonstrate, and prepare all men and women for the exalted new order of humanity.

Do not make the mistake of expecting to become strongly intellectually conscious of the outpoured Spirit of Truth. My spirit never creates a consciousness of himself, only a consciousness of Me.

From the beginning I have taught that your fellowship with My Spirit of Truth is not to be found in your consciousness of this spirit but rather in your experience of enhanced fellowship with Me.

I come now to help men and women recall and understand My words, as well as, to illuminate and reinterpret My life on earth.

My bestowal mission is presently helping the believer to witness to the realities of My teachings and My life as I am living it in the flesh, and as I now again live it anew and afresh in the garment of ephemerality.

Individual believers of each passing generation shall become the sons and daughters of God .. the spirit-filled sons and daughters of advancing progression in the Initiatory Life of God the Father.

The Spirit of Truth that I AM comes to lead all believers into all truth, into the expanding knowledge of the experience of the living and growing spiritual consciousness of the reality of eternal and progressively ascending sonship with God.

These concealed truths of the Parenthood of God and the established brotherhood and sisterhood of all Universe Persons will emerge into the hearts and minds of humanity to effectually transform your wayward civilization into God’s Everlasting Dominion.

Michael Of Nebadon

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Blessed are they that mourn

Blessed are they that mourn, and who embrace and accept their mistakes and errors in conceiving: for they shall be comforted by the holy circuits of intelligence which reach directly into their very hearts and minds.

Michael Of Nebadon

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mine coming into your view

Mine coming into your view shall stir thee into seeking of the new exalted order of humanity.

I come to purify the heart, and to ignite the spiritual urge in you for growth .. for advancement in the Kingdom.

You shall formulate a renewal of life purpose with the unconditional acceptance of the Father Life. A singular life purpose to achieving the will of God shall emerge in thee.

The material centered focus upon only tangible appearances shall mature beyond its selfishness .. as selflessness grows. Happiness in the preparation of your Godhood will give you endless enjoyment and peace shall swallow up the past tendencies for warfare and defenses.

The ever-advancing sons and daughters of God shall overthrow all adversities and determination to gain access to the Father’s Kingdom will find a foothold.

The joy of My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Presence when consciously engaged with and followed in your human life becomes a tonic for health invigorating urges of truthfulness and humility .. honor and honesty.

I shall stimulate your mind into righteousness and remembrance of purpose and divine poise. Dignity of character for the eternity values of existence shall taketh their firm foundations. An unfailing surge for accomplishments of grace and Immortality .. the willingness to concentrate your time upon the Father’s Initiatory Purpose will become for thee a satiating occurrence which leads you to your destiny.

Michael Of Nebadon

Monday, July 31, 2017

Comprometeos Conmigo

Comprometeos conmigo. Yo os rodeo y siempre Yo moro en vuestro corazón.

Alcanzad el Poder de Mí Espíritu y Presencia, pidiendo por Mí. Mí Espíritu Consolador construirá una nueva mente y una apertura de corazón en vosotros.

El Pedido a Mí Espíritu crea una consciencia de nuestra eterna asociación… una consciencia de nuestra asociación conjunta… nuestra relación religiosa prospera a medida compartis los Circuitos Trinitarios de Consciencia.

En relación a Mí Espíritu Consolador... vosotros creceréis en una directa experiencia de la divinidad.  Vosotros participaréis en un aumento de vuestra comprensión visionaria… vuestros valores con la eternidad madurarán adecuadamente y bien.

Yo vengo en forma material mientras mantengo a Mí Espíritu Consolador con vosotros en todo momento. Yo guío a todos los creyentes hacia una confianza plena  y al Absoluto de la Verdad.

Yo os hago crecer hacia la expansión del Conocimiento y de la Comprensión… del Coraje y del Consejo… la consciencia intuitiva del espíritu y las percepciones de la gloria.  Vosotros estáis para ganar una aumentada revelación de la experiencia, en vuestra viviente y creciente percepción espiritual, la cual os entrega paz y bienestar para cada uno.

… la realidad de nuestra ascendencia eterna prospera en cada uno. Vosotros estáis destinados en vuestro diseño a conocer la realidad de Dios el Padre, a través de vuestro correcto uso de vuestros dones… los regalos… de vuestra persona… vuestra voluntad… y de vuestra mente mortal.

Michael Of Nebadon


Engage with Me

Engage with Me. I surround thee and ever do I dwell in thine heart.

 Reach for My Spirit Power and Presence by asking for Me. Mine Comforter Spirit shall build a new mind and an openness of heart in thee.

Asking for My Spirit creates a consciousness of our eternal fellowship .. a consciousness of our association together .. our religious relationship prospers as you partake of the Trinity Circuits of Consciousness.

In relationship with My Spirit Comforter .. ye shall grow direct experience of divinity.  Ye shall participate in an enhancement of your visionary understanding .. your values with eternity shall ripen well and good.

I come into material form whilst maintaining My Spirit Comforter with you at all times. I lead all believers into all truthfulness and the  Absoluteness of Truth.

I grow thee into the expansion of knowledge and understanding .. courage and counsel .. intuitive spirit consciousness and perceptions of glory. You are to gain an enhanced revelation of the experience in the living and growing spiritual awareness which giveth peace and well-being to you.

...the reality of our eternal ascendancy prospers thee. You are destined in your design to know of the reality of God the Father by your right use of the endowments .. the gifts .. of personhood, will, and mortal mind.

Michael Of Nebadon

Saturday, July 29, 2017

You may believe

You may believe that I have come to cast peace upon the world, yet it is chaos which must be generated before real peace can be established.

Men and women .. place not thine attentions and loyalties upon the ephemeral things of the world. You think, perhaps, that it is peace which I have come to cast upon the world. You do not yet realize that you are living in a false and fallen civilization which hath no order, and the bastard sons and daughters of iniquity do operate your world for a time until the people stand up within themselves for truth and love.

Take thine stand not in revolt nor in reaction to what you view as your world drama. Instead, taketh thine stand with your allegiance to God Almighty who is thine Life, and who is continually giving to you of His Life. Thus, it is dissension which I have come to cast upon the earth: fire, sword, and war shall arise between My believers and the doubters and dividers of the society and family.

For there will be five in a house .. and three will be against
two, and two against three, the father against the son, and the
son against the father. And they will stand solitary unto their own pathways and declarations of piety.

Michael Of Nebadon

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Intimate association and divine relationship

I instruct thee in the precepts of intimate association and divine relationship with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Paradise.
In this divine exhortation of truth and ascendancy, I shall redeem humankind from its ignorance of understandings concerned with the Initiatory Life of God.

I shall ennoble all receptive apostles with the strength of their directly personal intimacy with the imminency of God the Father .. God the Son through the Comforter Spirit .. and God the Spirit in the Person of the Infinite Universe Mother Spirit and our Planetary Administration.

Ye shall discover in and through our association together an upsurging motivation .. a wholehearted willingness to cooperate and choose to collaborate with the Universal Administration which I am growing up.

A dignity of faithful trust, and a personal transformation in your capabilities to grow into this progressive orderly evolutionary unfoldment with the Divine Deity Circuits of Intelligence shall become established in you.

Lend Me thine ear and eye. Consider Mine pronouncements as the further coming of the Kingdom of Heaven which is here always and forever, and yet .. needs your participation to expand and establish It's stability and security and serenity throughout the populace.

Michael Of Nebadon